Senior Mastery

Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology

Mastery Proposal


Kendall Lewis      Digital Communications

Title: My Tattoo Designs


Description: My mastery will be the creation of tattoo designs for my “clients”. I will create the designs using illustrator, followed by printing them out on a type of paper that I can use to transfer onto skin so I will be able to use henna for the design. With henna being temporary it will allow myself to photograph my work on skin. I will be able to show my design on the computer as well as on a person. This allows me to show that my designs are more versatile than just on the computer screen. My research will focus on tattooing as an art form and how the perception of tattooing has changed over the years. Some new skills that I will be learning is shading and symmetry. I will create a really nice website showcasing all my work and I will create a really cool personal showoff book. My internship will be with Abby Smith (Director of Public Relations) at Alabama Theater. My internship will help me learn marketing and further my knowledge in the real world. It doesn’t really relate directly to my mastery of creating tattoos but it will help myself to learn what being in a business in the real world really is.


Rationale: This mastery happened out of complete random, I started designing a tattoo for my mom and I. It became something I really enjoyed doing. It is important to me because tattoos are a form of art that does not get a lot of recognition. I really enjoy seeing tattoos and asking people what the meaning behind their tattoos are. A lot of people has certain stories with each tattoo, and this mastery means so much to me because I want to be able to help people create their story on their body’s. I hope this mastery could help further what people think this major is capable. This mastery will help further myself by causing myself to learn how to talk to a client and find out what exactly they want for their tattoo. Learning this is very important for tattoos because ideally it would go on their body permanently. Hopefully my mastery will help change the perspective of tattoos.